Recent Changes for GMs on the WoD

This is a recent changes page for GM-types on the WoD. It doesn't cover most of the changes that are made, only ones that specifically affect GMs and seers (changes to dot commands, mostly)


  • Modified ".getinfo account" to display "currently online" as their last logon time for players who are currently online
  • Made this page use the correct WoD website template


  • Added some additional options to .house, so that its now possible to only modify specific parts of housesetup instead of having to redo everything each time


  • Added a bunch of spells to .spell


  • Added server uptime counter to main POL WWW page


  • Added/revamped .keyword and .questitem


  • Added the option to .info to have an NPC drop loot of a different creature. Its on page 3. If set to 'none', the monster won't drop any loot. If changed, it should persist across and shrunk version of the NPC created.
  • Removed .noloot (obsolete)


  • I never update this page, do I?
  • Revamped the WoD server webpage


  • Removed ".getinfo inactive accounts". This function can now be done (and much more easily) though the www pages


  • Several more www pages added to try to make managing server information a bit easier


  • Added several new www pages to the POL webserver and rewrote some of the old ones. Most of the new pages are for viewing assorted information about characters and items and include:
  • A page to view basic information about accounts
  • A page to view basic information about characters
  • The ability to search for items by name or serial number (instead of using .getinfo in-game)
  • A new theft-logging system that can be viewed through the www pages instead of rooting through .cfg files


  • New feature in .teleto: '.teleto [goloc]' - sends the targetted player or NPC to the given location (the same golocs used with .go)


  • .newbie can now be used on NPCs. Doing so will newbify all items equipped on that NPC and all root items in their backpack.


  • Added a nicer interface to .addflavortext to make it easier to use


  • Wrote a new jail system. .jail now invokes a menu with the following options:
  • "Go to jail" (shortcut ".jail me") - takes you to the jail
  • "Send online character to jail" (shortcut ".jail target") - Basically the way that .jail used to work - sends the targetted character to jail indefinitely
  • "Sentence character to jail" - Allows you to pick a character (even an offline character) and send them to jail for a predefined period of time. At the end of their sentence, the character is released from jail and deposited at the Britain Castle gates the next time they log in.
    First you select a character (by entering their name) and it will try to match the character to the name (partial name matches work.) Then you enter how many days they should remain in jail. Finally you can enter a message about why they are in jail that will be displayed when they log in.
  • "Sentence account to jail" - Allows you to select an account to sentence to jail. All characters on that account will automatically be placed in the jail when they log on, even characters that haven't been created yet. All characters will be released after the time period expires.
  • "Release character from jail" - Releases a character from jail before their sentence is finished. If you used the "sentence character to jail" option, you MUST release them if you want to cancel their sentence. Just teleporting them outside of the jail won't work - they'll be re-jailed the next time they log in.
  • "Release account from jail" - Releases an account from jail before their sentence is finished. If you used the "sentence account to jail" option, you MUST release them if you want to cancel their sentence. Just teleporting them outside of the jail won't work - they'll be re-jailed the next time they log in.


  • Fixed a bug with .createat that I introduced a few days ago
  • px, mx and all the y and z variants now accept 'many' as an option, allowing you to move multiple items at once (You'll keep getting a targetting cursor until you hit escape.) Examples: ".px 3 many", ".px many" (defaults to 1 tile)


  • Removed dot commands 'setrace' and 'settitle'.
  • .retitle can now control all of the different titles that can show up on a player, and has a gump interface. There's also dot command shortcuts, which are shown when you select a menu item.


  • When you do a '.bank [accountname]', it should again tell you how much gold is in the bankbox (it reverted out in the upgrade.)
  • Fixed some bugs with the .go menu


  • Skill buffs are now displayed seperately on the .info menu. The main number shown is the player's (or monster's) base skill, and if they are wearing an item that gives them a skill bonus (or are under the influence of a skill-changing spell), the bonus will be shown in parenthesis. So, if you see '100.0 (8.0)', that player has 100 skill and +8 bonus skill, for a total of 108 skill. You can only adjust the base skill (for now.)


  • Removed '.gameclock'. That information is now provided as part of '.time'
  • '.info [name]' now accepts partial names (same as '.msg [name]')
  • Added account information to .info when done on players (pretty much the same information as presented in '.getinfo account [acctname]')


  • Added a gump interface to '.house'
  • New .house option - '.house maketele' (or use the new gump.) It creates a teleporter from a recall rune much like '.maketele', but the teleporters that are created are visible to players, shaped like a glowing rune and GMlockdown for the house.


  • The World of Dreams server software has now been updated to POL 0.94
  • Removed the GM dot command '.stat' Try using .info instead
  • Rewrote portions of the GM dot command '.info' to be more useful/user friendly