Upcoming Changes for the WoD
Someday, eventually

This page exists to keep everyone up-to-date on changes that may be coming to the World of Dreams soon. Or not so soon. Or maybe not at all - its hard to say. If an entry shows up here about an area of the game, it generally means that I feel a change of some sort is needed in that area. It won't necessarily be the change proposed here, but there will be some kind of change sooner or later. The order of proposed changes is mostly random

  1. Changes to Melee Combat
    • Continued tweaking to melee combat
      Reason: There have been quite a few changes to make melee combat more effectly, and quite lilely there will be some more

  2. Changes to Archery
    • Continued tweaking to the damage and hit-rate of archery
      Reason: Make archery more useful

    • Add additional types of bolts and arrows, and create a new system where normal bows and crossbows can use them
      Reason: Make archery more interesting and useful
  3. Changes to Barding
    • Reduce the effectiveness of provocation. The best solution that has been come up with so far is to make provocation something that must maintained for the effect to remain in effect, so that only two creatures at a time can be provoked to fight. If to provoke skill is used again on two different creatures, the two previously provoked creatures would return to other targets instead of continuing to fight each other. Other skills would still be usable while the provokation continues, and the timer on reprovoking a creature would be removed.
      Reason: Provocation is, quite simply, overpowered. Solo bards are able to clean out the toughest dungeons very quickly by provoking large numbers of creatures at a time. Bards also tend to screw up seer-run quests by clearing out large creature groups at a time. To counter this, the seers often resort to making creatures unprovokable, in which case the bard is useless.

    • Remove or relax the armor and weapon restrictions from barding
      Reason: Make tank-bard a viable alternative to mage-bard
  4. Changes to the Virtue system
    • Tweaks to the way that virtue is awarded, especially for negative virtue actions
      Reason: The current virtue system seems rather static. A more dynamic system might be funner.

    • Possibly allow a one-per-week visit to the virtue shrines for a small virtue bonus
      Reason: Just sounds interesting

  5. Changes to Necromancy/Druidism
    • Increase the reliance of a number of druid and necromancer spells on their respective skills
      Reason: Several of the druid/necromancy spells are too effective at low skill levels. The change would have little/no effect on people with these skills as a primary.

  6. Changes to Tracking and Cartography skill
    • Combine Tracking and Cartography into one skill. The resulting skill would NOT be a tradeskill. The tracking function would remain about as useful as it is now at lower skill levels, but the cartography part of the skill would require higher skill levels (In other words, increase the difficulty of decoding treasure maps.)

      Reason: Tracking and Cartography are both underpowered skills - there's not much reason to raise either skill to a primary or secondary. Combined into one skill, they would most likely more valuable.

  7. Changes to Magery
    • Add intelligence requirements to the higher spell circles. The requirement would most likely be 60 skill for circle 5 spells, 70 for circle 6, 80 for circle 7 and 90 for circle 8. The requirement would be base intelligence, unmodified by buffs and/or magical jewelry, similar to strength requirements of armor

      Reason: There's little to no 'growth' over the course of a spell-caster's lifespan. A newly created mage character can (twinked by another character with gold to purchase skills) almost immediately cast any and all spells. This is opposed to warrior-type characters, who have to grow through different armor types before they reach the highest level (plate.) Adding intelligence requirements would create some nice symmetry betwen the two paths.

  8. Changes to Stealing/Guards
    • Complete renovation to stealing and the way that NPC guards react to players. When a player commits a crime against good townfolk, a running tab would be kept of how much was stolen plus any fines. A guard would capture criminals the way they do now (by killing them), but there would be no skill loss for the death and, if the player does not have a bounty, the guard would consider the debt to society paid and not pursue the player further. If the player does have a bounty, the player would be given the option of playing the bounty or spending time in jail. The length of time would be based on the amount of the fine, and that character would, in essence, be unavailable until the jail time was completed.
      Reason: To add interest to the stealing skill, and to make the justice system in the game a bit more complex than just guards killing people.

    • Increase the different types of items that can be stolen
      Reason: Increased variety and interest. For this to work and be balanced, though, stealing would need to involve greater risks, since its usually pretty easy to get away with theft at the current time.

  9. Changes to Henchmen
    • Reduce the effectiveness of henchmen at low skill levels, possibly by reducing the number of henchmen permitted at one time at 60 skill to one.
      Reason: Henchmen are too useful at low skill levels.

    • Reduce the number of henchmen permitted overall from the current 20 henchmen-per-account to, possibly, 10
      Reason: There's a LOT of henchmen in the world, many of which are virtually never used. This uses up server resources.

  10. Changes to Dot Commands
    • Removed some dot commands, possibly by combining dot commands with similar functions (for instance, .move, .dump and .sort)
      Reason: To reduce the learning curve of the WoD dot command system

  11. Changes to the Adventurer's Guild
    • Add more types of quests, and more dynamic sorts of quests
      Reason: It would be more interesting and give the AG more use

    • Add some more types of reward items (unique to the AG)
      Reason: It would be more interesting and give the AG more use

  12. Add an Enchanting skill
    • Create/add a new skill, Enchanting. The skill would be based around taking mundane items and infusing them with magical powers
      Reason: It would likely be an exciting new addition

    • Move some of the current enchanting-like functions to the new enchanting skill (examples: obsidian mounts, magic jewelry, and magic wands)
      Reason: Tinkering, as it stands, is extremely powerful, in many ways the best of the tradeskills. It also doesn't seem 'right' that that tinkering would include the creation of magic items. Tinkering 'feels' like it should deal with more mundane items

  13. Add more functionality to the Server Status page on the website
    • Possibly add the ability to view character data via the Server Status page
      Reason: It would probably be fun/useful for players to be able to see what other players have chosen to specialize in, and it would also help people to see what character names are taken

Ongoing projects

These are projects that are partially done and tend to be worked on bit-by-bit as time goes by

  • World modification - I'm slowly working on renovating the map of the world. Its going to be a long time still before I'm finished. You can see a screenshot of the work I've done to downtown Trinsic HERE (this is a large screenshot, approximately 1 megabyte - it may take a while to download.)

  • Improve NPC AI - Something that I'm almost always tweaking