Changes for September 2003


  • Slightly reduced the stamina loss from running (Testing, still subject to tweaking)


  • Random bolts and arrows will no longer appear in your backpack when you get shot by an NPC
  • Updated the Upcoming changes page, removing some outdated items, updating some works-in-progress, and adding a few new things


  • Increased the price that NPCs charge for arrows to 5
  • When you shoot an NPC with an arrow, there's approximately a 50% chance that you'll find the arrow on that NPC's corpse
  • Archery now uses 50% of the defender's dexterity to determine the odds of hitting (instead of using the defender's weaponskill, which is what other forms of combat use.) This generally means an increased chance of hitting. Be aware, though, that this affects NPCs shooting at players too


  • Added Month-to-date playtime to the new Server Status page


  • Removed the "You cannot cast this spell in your present form!" problem from Polymorph and Lich
  • Fixed a bug in Lich that was preventing it from being cast for many players
  • Merchant quests will automatically be rejected if not accepted in a fixed time
  • Casting healing spells on another player in combat will now award you virtue (assuming that you would have gained/lost virtue if you would have been hitting the monster yourself)
  • Removed 'Default Greeting' from .spec (since that function is now located in .options)
  • Added a new Server Status page to the website


  • Lots and lots and lots of changes... Good stuff first, then the bad
  • Slightly increased the speed of melee weapons (this affects both players and NPCs)
  • Moderately increased the chance of hitting with melee weapons, especially with higher weaponskill (only affects players)
  • Numerous behind-the-scenes changes to combat to make the scripts more efficient
  • Poisonous NPCs now work correctly
  • A few changes to push-through to make it a bit easier to chase down fleeing monsters
  • Some 'testing' changes to hostile NPC AI
  • Made some wildlife AI a bit quieter
  • Reduced the amount of junk found fishing up MiBs slightly
  • Majorly changed the way that Polymorph works. This is, in most cases, a nerf (just to be clear.)
  • Reduced the overall stat bonus from polymorph
  • The 'mage bonus' is no longer a fixed point, instead being a sliding scale. The higher your mage-related skills (magery, invocation, necromancy, druidry and/or meditation), the higher the bonus is
  • Necro spell Lich now has a significant Necromancy skillcheck to cast
  • Lich spell no longer relies in any way on Invocation
  • Reduced the odds of the lich spell 'failing' (this is a seperate failure from the previously mentioned necromancy skillcheck.)
  • Adjusted the bonuses for the lich spell are calculated to be more like the polymorph spell. The lich spell gives a somewhat higher stat bonus, though, and lasts significantly longer
  • Adjusted the strength and loot of some assorted NPCs (generally up and down, respectively)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with NPCs making the wrong sounds, having the wrong weaponskills, performing the wrong animations, etc


  • Fixed a double-fizzle sound effect problem with runebooks


  • Several changes to wild animal AI


  • Removed some DEBUG messages from .spec
  • Fixed a bug with player merchants who failed to take items that they would purchase from other players


  • Archery now correctly consumes arrows and bolts
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs with archery


  • Created a new gump for the auctioneer for when you put an item up for sale. Hopefully this will make the process a bit easier/clearer


  • The World of Dreams has a new home. Laephis has found another DSL line for us. Many thanks to Tajina for hosting the shard for the past month


  • Made some changes to the new pushthrough script: Pushing through other players, good NPCs, henchmen, pets, etc, no longer consumes stamina or will prevent you from pushing through if you're low on stamina. Only pushing through 'evil' stuff does this now
  • If you pushthrough something/someone who is hidden, you'll now be told


  • Fixed a bug with henchman virtue titles
  • Fixed a few bugs with the new archery script


  • Added a new page to .status, "Other"
  • Currently it has information about hunger and virtue. The virtue section gives a (purposefully) vague description as to how close you are to the next virtue level ("Halfway there", "Almost", etc.)
  • The description is how far you are from the next higher level. Anyone out there trying to lose virtue, pretend that it says the opposite of what it really does :P
  • Nature's Blessing and Nature's Curse spells now show up in .status, as does Magic Reflect
  • Change to push-through (running through another player or an NPC): You can now only pushthrough a player or NPC if you have more than 50% of your stamina left. If you try to run through one with less stamina left, you'll be pushed back
  • Pushing through now consumes 10 points of stamina
  • Started work on moving archery over to a scripted system. At this point, it should be functionally identical to the original system (with the exception of a few sound effect changes.) If you notice anything being different about archery (all 3 of you who use it), let me know.


  • Changes to items with charges of Regeneration:
  • Regeneration will only kick in (use a charge) when your HP reach 50% (instead of any damage)
  • Once a charge is used you'll regenerate HP faster for 2 minutes (instead of until you reach maxHP)
  • Items with regeneration now actually work
  • Books placed inside of display containers are now read-only
  • Fixed a problem with deleting lines in books

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