Changes for January 2004


  • Bows and crossbows can now fire the previously added fire and frost bolts and arrows
  • To set a bow (or crossbow) to fire the new ammo, double-click the bow while it is equipped (if you double-click it while it is in your backpack, it will automatically equip.) You'll get a targetting cursor that you can use to select the ammo that you want to use. Obviously, bows require the arrow variety of ammo, while crossbows require bolts
  • Once you select a type of ammo, the weapon will fire that type of ammo (until you run out or make another selection.) This is a per-weapon selection - if you have 2 bows, one could be set to fire arrows while another is set to frost. They'll each remember their individual setting
  • The weapons will use the first ammo of the correct type that it finds in your backpack. If you have multiple stacks of ammo, it may not use the one that you targetted if it finds another stack first when it looks
  • If you have the bow set to fire special ammo and run out, it will automatically switch to basic arrows/bolts. If you run out of basic arrows/bolts, it will NOT switch to special ammo automatically
  • The fire and frost ammo do slightly more damage than the basic ammo
  • The damage they do is split (roughly 50/50) between physical damage and elemental damage. This is something to take into account when choosing ammo (AKA: shooting a fire elemental with fire arrows probably isn't going to be terribly effective)


  • Fixed some bugs with the Alchemists Handbook
  • Alchemists can now make Essence of Frost potions
  • Using Essense of Frost and Fire potions, frost arrows, fire bolts and frost bolts can now be made (in addition to the previously craftable fire arrows)
  • Use of these arrows coming soon...


  • WoD scripts have been updated


  • Blackjack is now available through .games (the shortcut is '.games blackjack', or you can select it from the menu) Splitting hands is not currently available (but should be within the next few days.)


  • .poker has been changed to .games. Also added a number of features and and hopefully made it a bit easier to figure out


  • Added .poker
  • To increase your bet, type .poker [bet amount], up to 1000 gold.


  • Additions to house friend options: When you add a player to your house as a friend, you can now select from 3 option: character-only, account, or merchants-only.
  • Character-only means that only that character that you've selected is a friend of your house and has full friendship powers (lock/unlock items, place merchants, etc.)
  • Account means that all characters on that players account have friendship powers
  • Merchants-only means that player can place merchants in your house, but is not permitted to lock/unlock items
  • Reminder: Please, only add a player as a friend to your house if you truly know/trust them. Just like in real life, giving a near-stranger the key to your house pretty much always leads to nothing but trouble...
  • An unfortunate side-effect to these new friendship options: all existing house friends have been deleted. You'll need to re-friend anyone that was want as a house friend
  • You can now have up to 8 house friends, instead of the old limit of 5
  • Made some changes to the new guard AI that should make them significantly more efficient and fixed a number of bugs
  • The auctioneer now uses the new commission system to determine your fee when you put an item up for sale (the money that is reserved, though its not taken until the auction ends)


  • Armslore/ItemID can now be used on items in a merchant sales window
  • Fixed a bug with banana cream pies
  • The auctioneer now uses a sliding scale for the commission instead of a flat 10% fee. The fee is now: 10% of the first 1000 gold, 5% of the next 9,000 (up to 10,000), 2.5% of the next 90,000 (up to 100,000) and 1% of any amount beyond that. See this thread for a more detailed explaination, with examples.


  • Slightly increased the length of the elemental summon spells
  • Added Daemons to the previous list of 'only 2 summoned creatures can be controled at a time' list. You can still only have one daemon at a time, and any one other level 8 summoned creature (air, earth, water or fire elemental)
  • The strength of the daemon summoned now varies based on your invocation skill. This is a slight nerf if you have low invocation, but at higher invocation, the daemon is now somewhat stronger than it was before. Daemons are, in general, stronger than the other summoned creatures (assuming they don't fry you with a stray chain lightning...)
  • Summoning a daemon now causes you to lose a small amount of virtue
  • Air elementals are now less likely to cast spells that will damage you or allies (though they still might, at times. They're not real bright)
  • Releasing a summoned creature will no longer ask for confirmation
  • The Treants summoned by the druid spell Sylvan Guardian now function similar to the changes made to the elemental spells (AKA, different 'levels' based on animallore skill, only one treant at a time, only 2 elementals at a time total, longer summoned time, etc)


  • Fixed a bug in the AG quest system for the 'find Bob's item in X'-type quests: You now should correctly only find one of the items that you're sent for. Multiples should no longer show up


  • You can now only summon (or more accurately control) 2 elementals at a time
  • In addition, you can only have 1 elemental of a type. So you can have 1 earth elemental and 1 water, but not 2 earth
  • Reduced the length of summoned elementals for NPC casters


  • Maybe, possibly fixed the bug that could cause you to go grey when using poison against evil monsters. When I tried to fix this before, it crashed the server so, um cross your fingers...


  • Happy New Year!
  • Wrote the beginnings of a new guard system (with its own spawner.) Guards can now have patrol routes which they will walk and keep safe. Because the new guards need to be manually placed (and have their routes set up), it'll probably be a while before all the old guards are replaced with the new

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