Changes for November 2003


  • If a player vendor has no items to sell when someone tries to buy something, they will now say so instead of opening an empty buy menu
  • Added a new player vendor function: the ability to sort items up for sale. To so so, say '[name] sort'. This will open up a menu that lists all the items that the merchant has for sale. Beside each item name is 3 buttons, which are:
  • The X button removes the item from sale and places it in your backpack
  • The up arrow moves the item one slot higher in the order that it appears in the buy window
  • The down arrow moves the item one slot lower in the order that it appears in the buy window


  • Henchmen can now resurrect (or at least try to) their master with bandages. To do so, tell them 'heal me' while dead. They need to have bandages and sufficiently high healing and/or anatomy to succeed.


  • .sort will no longer recurse into locked containers
  • Serpent scales will again appear on monsters
  • Curtains are now stackable, deeded items. Your existing curtains will automatically be changed into deeds when you unlock them
  • Added more curtain graphic/direction options
  • Clothing items now have significantly more HP
  • All existing clothing items have been fully repaired


  • Dead and young players will now show up as such in .online
  • Fixed the link to the manual on the in-game help menu
  • The lich spell no longer relies on Invocation (which I said before, but now its true.)
  • Fixed a bug with essense of flame potions


  • Fixed some assorted bugs with the NPC mage gates


  • Fixed a problem with crafting manastones
  • Tinkers can now craft wooden bowls
  • NPC mage merchants can now cast the gate spell for you. It costs 100 gold and has a limited selection of locations. To purchase this service, go to an NPC merchant (mage, alchemist and scribe) and say "gate"
  • Possibly fixed a bug with orange trees

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