Changes for January 2003


  • Fixed a minor bug in .playtime that caused the time since last server restart to (usually) be 1 hour off
  • Decorator Tools can now be used to rotate bookshelves (and also access additional bookshelf graphics that hadn't previously been available. Nothing fancy - just slightly rearranged books on the shelves.)


  • Fixed dragon's breath (both tame and wild) so that they'll ignore hidden henchmen, pets, etc.
  • Changed the prices of some assorted potions (mostly down a bit, a few up.) Requires a restart.
  • Most items made using the tinkering skill are now unsellable


  • Finally got sick of moving henchmen of offline players from the bank, so I finally fixed their AI to do it automatically
  • Detect Hidden skill will no longer reveal the henchmen, pets and humuculus of offline players
  • Previously mentioned NPCs should also now not be revealed by area-effect spells and the like (there's probably more than need fixed, though)
  • Second verse - same as the first: Possibly fixed a bug that would sometimes incorrectly tell you a non-existant piece of armor broke


  • Merchants should now correctly spawn in a variety of (normal human) colors. This won't affect old NPCs, just new ones.
  • Added a new recent changes-type page, but one written more for people who may be using WoD scripts as the basis for their own shard - you can find it Here.


  • Possibly fixed a bug that would sometimes incorrectly tell you a non-existant piece of armor broke
  • Decreased the bonus damage done by silver weapons against undead to +50%
  • Silver weapons now have a 5% bonus chance to hit undead
  • Something I forgot to mention before: All the recent changes to combat only affect melee combat. Ranged combat kind of needs a full rewrite...


  • Previously discussed combat changes are now the default
  • .testcombat removed because its no longer needed
  • Player-made exceptional weapons now give a 5% bonus chance to hit
  • Added a nice gump interface to ItemID that describes in more detail the bonuses and/or special abilities of a piece of equipment


  • Finally got around to writting up a more complete 'how to set up UO to play on WoD' FAQ page. There's a link to it on the front page. Also added a link to Laephis's guide to running UO under Linux


  • New functionality with Armslore/Blacksmithy skill: If you target yourself or one of your henchmen, it'll tell you of any items that are below the 'good' (90%) condition
  • The skillcheck for this is a pure blacksmithy skillcheck - not necessarily the right skillcheck that would be used if you identified the item manually (it would just be a bit too difficult to do that way...)
  • You can also use the skill on a bag, in which case it'll examine all the items in the bag and tell you any below 'good' condition
  • Finally got around to fixing a combat bug that didn't always pick the right piece of armor to do damage to (sometimes causing one piece of armor to wear out too fast, while another one may not get worn at all.)
  • Possible combat changes: You can test some (possible) upcoming combat changes for warrior-types by typing '.testcombat' (type it again to go back to the current system.) The changes only affect players (not NPCs, not even henchmen.) You'll have a slightly higher chance to hit, and a slightly higher chance to avoid being hit (about 5-8%.)


  • Reminder about Christmas presents: If you still have any unopened Christmas presents, I strongly recommend opening them soon. Unopened gifts, Christmas trees and Christmas tree deeds will be going poof in a few days.
  • Updated the WoD script release


  • Happy New Year!
  • Added a new page to .options, Account Options. That's now where the 'change password' function is located (it will be removed from the help menu soon.)
  • Also added a place where you can enter your email address. This won't be used for much of anything at the moment, but may be in the future (I'm hoping/planning to figure out some ways to integrate the website a bit more with the game, and this will help with that.) Don't worry, we promise not to spam anyone
  • One way in which this will be used (starting soon, to give everyone time to fill it in) is with account security: From now on, if you forget your password, we're only going to send it to the email address associated with your account.
  • The Mindblast spell now ignores Magic Resistance. Previously it had a bug that caused it to do less damage than a spell of its circle should, but I decided to do this (just to be different) instead of increasing the damage
  • Slightly reduced the damage done by Explosion and Chain Lightning. They have been doing one circle more damage than they should have been
  • Improvement/changes to druid spell Grasping Roots: higher animallore skillcheck to cast, doing a bit more damage, more willing to attack evil NPCs, duration more dependant on animallore skill (generally longer), able to paralyze big creatures at least some of the time now.
  • Frostfield now correctly relies on Necromancy skill instead of Invocation
  • Moved the selectable points where autoheal bandage kicks in to 'never', '50%', 75%', and 'whenever damaged' (from 'never', '25%', '50%' and '75%'). This doesn't affect the selectable options for potions and spells.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to not lose their [young] status when they should have

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