Changes for March 2003


  • Removed some debug messages from the auctioneer script


  • A change to corpse decay (of player corpses only): Player corpses will not decay during the 10 minute countdown to a restart or for an extra 10 minutes after the restart.
  • Player corpses will also not decay if there is no one online (if, for instance, the server would lose its connection to the internet.)


  • 'Tweaks' to some assorted NPCs


  • Fixed a problem with mounts not always eating the correct type of food


  • Added an option to move the necro spellbook (similar to the druid spellbook.) To do so, click on the little scroll thing in the bottom right corner of the book, which will bring up the spell information pages. On the first page is a pentagram: to move the book around, use the large black arrows around the pentagram. To toggle between moving in large and small increment, click the center of the pentagram.


  • Added minimum bid increments to the auctioneer, dependant on the current price:
  • If the price is less than 100 gold, the minimum increment remains 1 gold
  • Between 100 and 999 gold, the minimum bid increment is 10
  • Between 1000 and 9,999 gold - 100
  • Above 10,000 - 1000 gold

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