Changes for March 2004


  • The World of Dreams scripts have been updated


  • Rewrote the merchant 'sell bag' and 'sell all' functions to fix an exploit and to work better (sell bag no longer ties up a merchant while its running, meaning that multiple players can now use a merchant without long pauses)


  • Huge behind-the-scenes changes to the player merchant system
  • When a player merchant removes themselves ('commits suicide', 'quits', whatever), they'll now create a backpack in your bankboxed labled "the remains of (name)". This backpack will contain any items they had to sell, had bought for you, were wearing, gold they were holding, etc
  • Player merchants will now remove themselves during server restarts if they're placed in an invalid location or if more than 30 days have past since their master has logged in
  • Auto-accept job offers (in .options) now works
  • Random bug fixes


  • Increased the effectiveness of Protection (essentially bringing it back up to where it was before the other changes, though the mage bonus is still gone)
  • Cooking script now uses all items in your backpack, instead of just top-level items


  • Fixed Polymorph
  • Removed DEBUG messages from cooking
  • Random other fixes to yesterday's changes


  • Slightly reduced the effectiveness of all buff spells. The effectiveness now also has a (generally small) dependancy on your secondary mage skill (meaning the highest of invocation, necromancy or animal lore)
  • Buff spell duration is now dependant on both magery and a secondary mage skill This will, in general, result in moderately longer duration on spells cast by skilled mages and slightly lower duration on buffs from unskilled mages
  • Removed the 'mage bonus' from the Protection spell
  • Found and fixed a bug with the Clumsy spell that should make it more effective against NPCs (as effective as a first circle spell should be, at least...)
  • Reduced the time length of debuff spells (like Curse), but slightly increased their effectiveness (especially against NPCs)
  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of Magic Resistance
  • 'sell bag' no longer works on locked containers
  • Did a rather major rewrite of cooking, to fix some bugs and add a few things. It should mostly be behind-the-scenes changes
  • Cooks can now bake large cakes. Large cakes require 4 cake batters. When you bake a large cake, you can select a color and name for the cake
  • You cannot directly eat a large cake. Instead, you need to slice it (using a dagger or other bladed item.) A large cake will produce 6 slices


  • Did some work on the Guild & Quests page of .status. The 'To next guild rank' display is currently a bit buggy, though
  • Fixed a few minor bugs with Bobby Bugfixer
  • Added 'quick-scribe' to Inscription. Quick-scribe gives scribes the option to try to scribe scrolls more quickly, but at the risk of a higher failure rate (the skillcheck is 20 points higher, plus even low-level scrolls can be failed occasionally)
  • Quick-scribe can be enabled on the 'select a circle' page when inscribing a scroll (turning it on this way only enables it for that scribing attempt)
  • You can also make quick-scribe the default via the Crafting options page of .options


  • Saying 'help' to a player vendor now gives you a pop-up window with a lot more information than the previous help system did


  • Auctioneer enhancements:
  • You can now search all auctions by selecting the 'Search' option on the category selection menu
  • On the status menu (gotten by saying 'status' to the auctioneer), 'View auctions I've bid on' has been renamed to 'View auctions I'm winning' (which is what it did before anyway)
  • Added a new 'View auctions I've bid on', which actually does what it says it does. This information was not previously recorded, so this only works on bids from this point on


  • The default position of the .msg gump can be adjusted on the Gumps page of .options


  • Bankers now understand 'withdraw all' and 'deposit all'

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