Changes for June 2003


  • Crafted blank scrolls will now be put into your crafting bag on creation
  • Dead wood and amber from lumberjacking will now be put into your crafting back


  • When you copy a key, the copy will now take the name of the key that was copied
  • Fixed a naming problem for copper ore


  • Reduced the weight of a few items (beeswax, sand and a few others.) Requires a restart to take effect
  • Found magic items will now often found with pre-existing damage (in other words, not in brand-new condition)


  • Updated the WoD scripts for POL 0.95 (still officially 'in testing' until the release of POL 0.95)


  • Fixed a problem with mounts doing a weird death animation when you mount them
  • Fixed a number of large hostile AI bugs


  • Fixed a problem from yesterday's update that caused some spells to do 50% more damage to players than they should have
  • Probably fixed the crash issues that some players have with the Snowstorm spell. On the downside, the new version of the spell is usually a bit laggier...
  • Added an Animal Lore skillcheck to the spell Tidalwave. You now need to have Animal lore as at least a secondary to cast it with any degree of success
  • Dragon breath now does fire-based damage
  • The server uptime reported by .status should now be quite a bit more accurate (previously it was off by up to an hour) (requires restart)
  • Generally slowed down the virtue-loss-over-time factor. It previously was based on the number of times you logged in, so people who logged in several times in a single day would often lose far more virtue than those who only logged in once or twice (even though both players may be online for the same amount of time.) Now you can at most lose virtue 1 time per day
  • Fixed a problem with Virtue guard titles not having a space where they needed one


  • Many major changes to behind-the-scenes server scripts. You shouldn't notice any real changes from this, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway
  • Something fixed as part of these changes: some assorted minor issues with getting properly credited with the death of an NPC (and being awarded virtue)
  • Wrote a new help system


  • You can now get rid of the offline clones of other players by asking them to 'please go away'

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