Changes for August 2003


  • Added an "Evaluate Item" button to the auctioneer. It appears right beside the "bid on item" button, and when pressed, it displays a second gump that gives you all the information from both ItemID and Armslore. There is no skillcheck required to use this function
  • Fixed some tamed AI bugs


  • You can now harvest grapes from grapevines by using a dagger on them
  • Pumpkins, squash and watermelon should be harvestable after a restart


  • Rearranged the front page of the website a bit
  • Added a WoD policies page. The page contains some assorted information on some policies of the WoD (such as inactive accounts, housing, etc.) This is information that does need to be available, but it didn't seem to fit on rules page, since they're really not rules, per se...


  • Fixed an unintended change with pushthrough (being able to walk through NPCs)
  • The large bag that shows up when you open a druidbag now matches the color of the actual druidbag


  • Removed some debug messages from tamed AI
  • Merchants will no longer steal job bags if you had it to the wrong person
  • Fixed a bug with the AG Guildmaster not accepting certain quest items
  • Updated the WoD script release


  • Fixed a major AI bug having to do with the tamed AI changes from yesterday (that was the cause of any significant lag you experienced today/last night)
  • Rewrote the 'Archived Changes' section to use the WoD website template


  • Made some significant changes to tamed AI with the intent to make the previously made changes to summoned elemental more useful
  • Possible fixed a bug with combat that caused henchmen to do significantly less damage than they should have been
  • Fixed a bug with combat that made NPCs not use the correct attack sounds


  • Grinding will now do multiple batches at a time again


  • Elementals summoned by NPCs should no longer be morons


  • Changes to summoned elemental creatures:
  • The spell duration is now equal to: 20 + your magery skill + 2 * your invocation skill (in seconds.) This is generally a small increase in duration as the duration was previously 20 + 2* your magery skill
  • Higher Invocation skill will now summon better/stronger elementals. Generally, they'll have higher stats and skills, and possibly higher damage and better armor
  • Change to the way the different summoned elementals function: the skills and abilities of each elemental is now somewhat more unique to the type of elemental
  • Summoned water elementals will now cast heal and cure spells on you and your companions and other pets, and occasionally cast offensive spells
  • Summoned earth elementals are strong tanks with moderate melee damage and no magical abilities
  • Air elementals cast strong offensive spells but have almost no melee ability
  • Fire elementals are more-or-less balanced characters, with moderate melee and spellcasting ability.
  • All of the above is still in the balancing phase and is subject to change at any time...
  • You can now make cheese. To do so, you'll need a pitcher of milk and a piece of cloth. With them in your main backpack, use a mill.


  • Unfixed yesterday's spawner 'fix' - it broke more things than it fixed


  • Probably fixed a number of issues with NPCs spawning where they shouldn't (and probably created a number of new issues, too)
  • Some AI tweaks. Nothing major, but, for instance, if you dig up an earth elemental while mining, he won't wander around like an idiot before noticing you.


  • The world is now round
  • Change in policy regarding boats: Boats may be deleted if not refreshed every 2 weeks. The likelyhood of this happening increases greatly if you leave your boat in a busy area

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