Changes for April 2003


  • Several changes to a number of multi-part items (ovens, fireplaces, beds and bear skin rugs, for example) so they can take advantage of yesterday's change to be able to move them as one. You'll probably need to redeed these items to use this new ability, though
  • Chess and checkerboards can now be locked down (no longer need to be secured.)


  • Changes to decorator's tool:
  • Tool can now be used on locked down and secured items (instead of having to unlock them first)
  • Tool can now secure/unsecure items
  • Tool can now be used on items in your backpack (it'll place them at your feet.)
  • Tool can now move (many, but not all) multi-part items (pianos and fountains, for example.)


  • Updated the WoD scripts. See the scripting changes page for more information about this
  • Also made a test version of the WoD scripts for POL 0.95 available.


  • Double-clicking a gamepiece in a checkerboard will now turn it into a pawn (representing that its been kinged.) Double-click it again to change it back.
  • Fixed the annoying "Bob points here" in the bottom corner of the screen when someone .point's at something in a container
  • The auctioneer can now hear from somewhat further away - no need to crowd him anymore


  • Gameboards now work!
  • Unfortunately, you need to trade your gameboard in for a new one. For this, I'm once again employing my assistant Bobby Bugfixer. Just hand him your old gameboard. He'll give you your choice of a chess or checker board (sorry, each board can only play one game or the other.)
  • There are most likely about 10000 bugs associated with the new boards, most of which really aren't fixable at this time. Please trust me when I say that you don't want to remove the game pieces from the gameboard.
  • Backgammon boards still don't work because I have no idea how the game is played.


  • There's a new NPC in town - the giftwrapper. He/she will wrap any item up for you in a fancy giftbox, complete with bow, for only 50 gold. You'll need the new WoD files in order to see them, though (if you can see the piano in the bank, you're fine.)
  • Just drop an item on the giftwrapper to get them to wrap it. You'll get to select from a variety of paper and ribbon colors (most of them rather ugly. They should look significantly better after the next version of the WoD files...)
  • To unwrap a present, just double-click it.
  • The giftwrapper is located in the building just south-west of Britain Bank.


  • Piano and fishtank deeds have now been updated to use the new graphics. Pianos now use 6 lockdowns (previously 14) and fishtanks only 3 (previously 18.) Remember, you need to have the new files to see them.
  • To change your pianos and fishtanks to the new graphics, just redeed them and place them again.


  • Recent issues concerning creating new characters should now be fixed


  • Added a new NPC - Bobby Bugfixer. You'll find him near my mailbox in downtown Britain. He's only going to be around for a limited time
  • What he does: If you give him a magic item with a skill bonus (not all magic items - just some of them), he'll allow you to select a different item for it. For instance, you can change a leather skirt into either a kilt or a regular skirt.
  • The only property that will carry over to the new item is the skill bonus - it will no longer be armor, only regular magic clothing.
  • Bobby will only fix a limited number of items for each player for free - 10, actually. He will fix more items for you, but you'll have to pay him for his time.
  • Once again, I'd like to remind you that he's only going to be staying for a limited time.


  • It should now be possible to wear pants under your armor. You may need to double click the armor to get it equipped if you're not using the latest verdata.mul files
  • Updated the verdata.mul files. For more information, check the tech forum.


  • Although it wasn't really intended, there have been rather major changes to how/where some items are equipped. Essentially, its no longer possible to stack different pieces of armor.
  • Made some custom verdata.mul files available for download for the World of Dreams. At this point, they're just a test. For more information, check the Tech Forum.

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