I got some questions :)

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I got some questions :)

Postby Herban on Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:06 am

It has been a while since I have played but will probably be on more now. I want to roll some new characters out and I am curious about some things. I have been out of the loop a while so I thought I would ask you guys :)

First off: Melee fighting. I have read that the melee abilities have been increased so that lower level fighters can be a bit more capable and that overall damage and accuracy have been improved. I am curious though, is having melee skills as secondaries adequate for the typical dungeon crawling? or is having melee primed really significantly better. What I mean by significant in that a person with 80 tactics/parry/swords wouldnt be able to handle the same stuff as he master guy. Would this be the case? or is it still pretty possible but just takes longer?

second: Barding. I thought I heard something about barding changes. Is it at all possible to play a tank bard? I really would like to but I know that it was not possible when I played last.

Third: anatomy. Is having anatomy at 100 really do an increase on damage? or is the added damage from critical hits due to 100 anatomy not really worth getting it that high. Also, say I had 100 healing...would 100 anatomy make a really significant difference?

Now I will cut to the chase of why I am curious about this...I am thinking about making a fighter that has primaries of healing, anatomy, and magic resist with secondaries swords,tactics, parry. I have good buffs for parry and swords so I will have 90 swords/parry and 84 tactics with the items I have.. The tank bard is the other thought I had..but dont know if its even remotely possible to do.

Thanks guys for any feedback or pointers! :)
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Postby Eldric on Sat Aug 28, 2004 12:15 pm

I forget the exact numbers but currently there is a rather large bonus to hit for having over 75 in your weaponskill and another large bonus for having over 95, I believe the bonus also reduces your chance of being hit.

As for anatomy 90 is probably enough, you can cut one more second off bandaging time by having 105 but I really don't think that helps a great deal, you also get slightly fewer and not quite so strong critcal attacks at 100 all critcals will do double damage at 90 75% will do double and 25% will do 1.5 times damage.

Your template will probably work, how well, I really can't say. I used to be a big believer in primed magic resistance but 90 seems to do a reasonable job. My main tank these days is Primes: Weapon, Tactics, Healing Secondaries: Anatomy, Parry, Resist and workes fairly well, dosn't do so good against dragons but things like Vampire Lords and Titans are no problem. Have been considering dropping Parry For Archery.

I havn't barded in a long time, I think you have to use chainmail or ligher to be able to use your insturment.
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Postby Orion Michaels on Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:59 pm

Tank bards in plate and/or holding a weapon other than mage friendly, at this time, are not possible.
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