Changes up to April 3 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to April 3 2012

Post by Agata » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:03 pm

April 3rd, 2012
- Changed the CheckSkillWithItem() function to handle skill-level based skill checks properly.
- Changed CheckSkill() to have a cap of 140 instead of 120. Also, added the handling of non-equipable item bonuses on skill-level based checks.
- Started work on getting magic musical instruments back into the game.
- Added support for gargoyles to the barber scripts.
- Changed graphics for abbyss lords, hellhounds, royal dragons, ancient dragons, some elementals, cyclops, and titans.
- Reworked the bard skills to be difficulty based again.
- Discordance skill now lowers the target's barding difficulty on success. Creatures with barding difficulty higher than 120 are capped at 120 for Discordance checks, but the remaining points become a resistance to the debuff applied.
- Toy soldiers could not be laminated because of the objtype change. Fixed.
- An anvil is now required for all blacksmith activities.
- Elven anvils, soulforge anvils and static anvils are now recognized by the SearchForAnvilInArea() function.
- Some of the new items added to the routines for magic items.
- Changed the core Target function's default flags to NOT check for Line of Sight.

April 1st, 2012
- Added the bamboo flute and aud-char to the IsMusicalInstrument() function.
- Tiledata from newer clients use the name Nox Crystal for the serpent scales, and Grave Dust for the volcanic ash. Both have been renamed on the server to show their old names.
- Fixed typo in the skill name Discordance. Updated all files referencing it.
- Added the bamboo flute and the aud-char to the bard instruments.
- Added different musical tunes based on the barding action. There are now different sounds for simple instrument playing, provocation, discordance and peacemaking. This is only for both tamborines, lutes, drums, standing harps, and aud-chars. There are no such sounds for the other instruments in the client data files.
- The new moongate system was not doing proper data cleanup. Fixed.
- Added Throwing to the list of buffed/debuffed skills in Nature's Blessing/Curse druid spells.
- Added the Discordance temporary mod.
- Some objtype corrections in the script for bladed items.
- Added support for the Discordance skill.
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