Changes up to April 17 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to April 17 2012

Post by Agata » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:04 pm

- Added the new bows to the carpentry crafting menus. Also updated objtype for some items in the menus.
- There was a problem in the function for choosing specs. Fixed.
- Items with fire, frost and electrical resistance, and poison protection will now use the elemental resistance indicators on the status gump.
- The SortMultiArrayByIndex() function now supports structures again.
- Added a check to the random magic item generator to prevent magical gargish items from having Archery buffs, and also to prevent magical human items from having Throwing buffs. (NOTE: Will change this in the future to enable throwing for humans.)
- Added the spellweaving spellbook a long time ago, but hadn't added it to the svn.
- Replaced many of the PerformAction() calls with NewPerformAction. Many more to go.
- Added some new constants to
- Enabled damage numbers in combat.cfg.
- The menus.cfg file was empty, replaced it with the correct one.
- Added blank scrolls to the starting equipment for scribes.
- Added the Cloth Ninja Jacket.
- Some fixes to the magic item and repair routines to make them have the correct AR.
- Adjusted the speed of the small weapons.
- Maps were crashing the client when their southern limit was outside the map size. Fixed.
- Removed the Paladin Sword from the crafting menu.
- Added the gargish cloth items to the IsClothItem() function.
- Removed an unimplemented skills from the skill window.
- Added functions for identifying armor, shields and weapons made of glass, hides, wood, cloth and stone.
- Added all the new shields to their corresponding material identifying functions.
- Added function IsMedableArmor() for checking if a piece of armor blocks meditation.
- Added all the new clothes to the IsClothing() function.
- Added the new cloth headwear to the IsAHat() function.
- Added the new leather footwear to the IsLeatherBoots() function.
- Added casting delay and spell interruption to the CheckSuccessfulSpellcast() function.
- Adjusted the magic item random generation functions to check armor type with IsMedableArmor() instead of IsMetalArmor().
- Elf characters now get elven clothes on creation.
- When creating a Necromancer character, the skills are transferred appropriately.
- Benson Info page on the web interface now displays count for years 2011 and 2012.
- Ship hold on galleons now work.
- Added the new Throwing Pouch and darts.
- Merchant jobs weren't working. Fixed.
- Merchant gate destinatins weren't being set correctly. Fixed.
- Some minor fixes to an error where a fully repaired armor wouldn't display the full AR.
- Maps were crashing the client when a map's southern boundary was outside the realm's southern boundaries. Fixed.
- Added support for the new realms to the cartography skill.
- Added music for the whole Tokuno realm.
- Modified uoconv.bat to properly generate the britannia_alt realm in a High Seas client.
- Flutes were being stacked because their graphic is stackable. Changed the graphic in the itemdesc for a non-stackable one to prevent this.
- Old dye tubs weren't being properly converted to their new objtype. Fixed.
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Re: Changes up to April 17 2012

Post by Atei » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:32 pm

Dang you've been busy! Thanks!

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