Changes up to August 2nd 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to August 2nd 2012

Post by Agata » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:34 pm

- Accounts are now ML. This enables custom carrying capacities for characters and new house tiles up to ML.

- Started adding the racial bonuses to regen rates and vital calculations.
- The pointing hand from the .point command wasn't being properly destroyed. Fixed.
- Some more entries to the .fixcustomitems dot command.
- Some more oldobjtype entries. These will be removed after the full item conversion on the live shard is done.
- Public moongates now play sound effects when used.
- Added some error printing to the guardspawner routine.
- Fixed an error in guardspawner/npcdesc.cfg

- Adjusted settings for AoS. WoD is currently AoS.
- Removed pants and long pants from loot groups so they don't spawn as magic items. This is because pants now share the same slot as leggings.
- Modified pricing for galleons.
- Modified order of execution for house placement, making it more efficient.
- House tiles are enabled up to Age of Shadows. More tiles will be enabled later.
- Added Tall Straw Hat to the list of craftables.
- Removed some packet sending which enabled features newer than AoS.

- Some more additions to the .fixcustomitems dot command.
- Houses can now be placed in New Magincia
- Added all of the custom houses.
- Simplified custom house placements by reducing it to two deeds: one for two story houses, another for three story houses. A gump will be displayed for choosing the actual dimensions and it will make additional charges.
- Players now get a refund when demolishing a custom house.
- An objtype correction to the giftwrapper script.
- Architects now sell custom house deeds.
- Minor fix to moongates so they don't show disabled realms.
- Players now get charged while they commit their house design.
- Added .unlockradius dot command for Seers and GMs.

- Some cleanups to makeitemmagic.src
- Added fixcustomitems and fixleadership dot commands
- You no longer need to stand still while casting spells
- Fixed color of ice fiend

- Added pet skill saving and loading to some more places.
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