Changes up to December 4th 2012

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to December 4th 2012

Post by Agata » Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:23 am

- Removed the OldObjtype entries, they were needed only for the first shard run after conversion to HSA client.
- Modified the Item Identification scripts. Magic items now have shorter names, only with the prefix. Suffixes aren't necessary now that we have tooltips with the info.
- Completely redesigned item damage and repair system. It now works similar to OSI, without the absurd long term wear we used to have.
- Modified the Combat scripts for the new item damage system.
- Fixed several errors where items wouldn't update their tooltip.
- Continued working on the Tooltips system. It's now an external script separate from the packet hook, allowing me to update on the fly without having to restart the server.
- Some updates to the auctioneer's Evaluate Item dialog.
- Updated the modules to the latest from POL svn.

- Some new equip templates for Tokuno npcs.
- Added the iron key to the craftables.
- Removed unnecessary blank spaces in virtue titles.
- Added dragon gorget to the list of armor pieces.
- Added the shuriken thrower weapon.
- Random property of Electrical Resistance was set, but there was no probability of getting it. Fixed.
- Lowered the speed of thrower weapons to 30.
- Started adding support for Item Properties Tooltips.
- Owned items' tag is now an item property, it will no longer be shown in an actual item's name.
- Adjusted the Magic Item generation scripts to set item properties in a way they can be read by the Tooltips system.
- Galeons can now be locked. Just use the key on the mooring lines.
- Fixed an error which prevented nightsight potions from being poured into a Potion Keg.
- Moved the darts and shuriken to the Tinkering crafting menus.
- The names of crafted copper and gold keys were swapped. Fixed.
- Added detection of wooden armor on the Tinkering skill.
- Added all the new trees to the wood.cfg config file for resource generation.
- Added all the new trees to the valid trees in the Lumberjacking skill.
- Wooden armor is now detected as a Woodworking item by the Arms Lore script.
- skill picker was showing an extra blank page at the end. Fixed.
- Added NPC spawning for Sea Market and Zento.
- On the Help button, updated the link to the WoD Manual.
- Added support for the QUEST button and the Character Profile scroll.

- You can now change gender of leaf, hide and woodland armor.
- Finished adding colored logs. They can now be used for crafting and laminating.
- Fixed an error where elves were getting a lower chance to get colored ore instead of higher chance.

- Stealth no longer unhides you when used from a client macro.
- Mooring lines can now be locked.
- When changing a house's locks, the new lock ID is now properly stored.
- Fishing nets were fishing weird items instead of treasure maps. Fixed.
- Beginning implementation of colored logs.

- Numerous scripts scanned through the first 5 character slots of an account. They now scan through all 7.
- Alliance and Guild Chat have been implemented as Global Chat.
- Woodland Armor can now be upgraded properly.
- Added itemdesc entries for the new colored logs.
- Added a command for fixing all druid bags. They had entries for the old rune objtypes.
- Added several commands for GM guild administration: .createguild, .destroyguild, .addtoguild, .removefromguild, .wipeguildmembership

- Minor fix to the hide gorget.
- Fixed an error where carving a corpse which produces hides would set your race to human. This was supposed to be a cbeck, not an assignment.
- Ship Captains can now take you to the Sea Market.
- Small fix to blacksmithy item creation, now their HP is set correctly.
- Increased difficulty and material cost for hide armor. It's better than studded so the difficulty and cost should be higher.
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