Changes up to February 1st 2013

Changes to the WoD Scripts
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Changes up to February 1st 2013

Post by Agata » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:27 pm

- Reduced damage randomness by modifying weapon damage and implementing a new Percentage based armor system.
- Updated all NPCs to the new armor system.
- Reduced the parry chance from half the Parrying skill to one third.
- The .fixitemsonmerchants command now also fixes those in player merchants.
- Updated the Tooltip Data script to show some more info. I hope this helps clarify things instead of stirring the confusion even more.
- Henchman script was doing strange things for determining AR, which screwed up a lot of things. Fixed.
- Merchant Gate to Dungeon Deceit was underground. Fixed.
- The IsMagicalItem() function was not detecting the magic musical instruments. This impacts on several things. Fixed.
- Added the colored scales, they can now be carved from several reptilian monsters.
- Added the Dragon Armor to the Tailoring craft menus.

- Corrected the objtype for small and large bagball.
- Increased the Passive Mana/Stamina Regeneration rate bonuses granted by Meditation and Focus
- Increased the Armor Ratings of all pieces of armor. Clothing was left untouched.
- Added musical instruments to the allweapons lootgroup, making them available as magic items.
- Decreased the Hunter bonus to Archery Damage. Also added support for Heavy Critical to the Archery script.
- Modified the damage dice in the the player's Wrestling script.
- Increased the damage of all weapons. Also adjusted the speed of some of them.
- Lots of changes to the Tooltips script. It now requires less bandwidth to send, and added more info for some items.
- Readjusted some of the Tokuno monsters now that the Armor and Weapons power has increased.
- The instrument's skill bonus is now taken into account for determining the Discordance debuff applied.
- Removed the random failure from the Peacemake and Discordance skillchecks.
- Elven quiver can now be dyed like bags and backpacks.
- Metal chests now retain the color of the material.
- Added the info on how much Tinkering is needed for making a container lockable to the woodworking item descriptor file.
- More modifications to the Healing skill to make it a little easier.
- Added day and night to The Lost Lands, Heartwood, Ilshenar, and the sailing spot.
- Some fixes to the temporary mod scripts so the buff/debuff icons are correctly updated.
- Increased the max skill bonus from items to 20.
- Finally made the light level to set correctly on logon.

- Migrated Blacksmithy to the new crafting menus.
- Corrected the itemdesc entries for small and large bagballs
- Gate destination was not being correctly set for Summon Player druid spell.
- Implemented Permanent Nightsight for elves. There are a few things to fix yet.
- The Alchemy Handbook now opens the Alchemy crafting menu.
- The Alchemy crafting menu now offers the choice to charge alchemy symbols through the Modify Item button.
- Migrated Tailoring to the new crafting menus.
- Adjusted time delay between crafting sounds for stonecrafting.
- Tinkering can now repair stone items too.
- Corrected a few messages in the item upgrade routines.

- Numerous fixes to scripts using AppendConfigFileElem()
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