An intriguing find

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Seer Daniel
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An intriguing find

Post by Seer Daniel » Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:33 pm

From Aldwyn:
Dear friends,

I must thank you once again from rescuing me from my bodily prison a few months ago. It has been great to be back home in Britannia with all of you. I had began to think that I would die an ape.

I fear I must call on you once more for help. My rangers have recently recovered a secret treasure map from the corpse of one of Relican's acolytes. This they managed with great loss of life, as my apprentices are not yet as capable warriors as you are.

It is not surprising that one of Relican's followers would carry a treasure map. It is rumored that he has dozens, if not hundreds, of such buried treasures across the map. Yet, something doesn't seem right about this particular map. The Queen's cartography experts have determined that a unique kind of parchment was used to produce this map. A kind of parchment different from type Relican uses to create his maps.

I spoke with Faust about this but he regrets that he cannot be of assistance at this time. He said that his wizards have much more important things to do than to go treasure hunting. And I do not blame him. I myself am reluctant to put my rangers in harm's way for a chest of treasure, specially since they're still in training. Yet I cannot simple dismiss this find. I suspect there is more going on here than just buried treasure.

That's why I am requesting your aid in investigating the mystery of this map. If this turns out to be nothing more than a regular buried treasure, then you will have lost nothing. But we cannot afford not to follow this lead.

Meet in front of the Queen's castle tonight (Sunday, Nov 13) at 7:30 (ET).

~ Aldwyn, Grandmaster Ranger
Queen Lissar's Rangers
[From Daniel: Apologies for the short notice. I only decided to do the event last night.]

Kale Greeneye
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Re: An intriguing find

Post by Kale Greeneye » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:15 pm

Being a Master Cartographer, treasure hunting is my favorite pastime. I will do my best to be there

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Re: An intriguing find

Post by chuxton » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:03 am

I'm always open for a bit of dangeous treasure hunting, so I met up with Alduwyn (or whatever the Queen's armchair boss ranger is called). So also did Kale Greeneye, Chelsea Duklain, Azzo Ranar, Elzo Ranar, Ohgeer, Vincent Tel I'moen and Joram Lionheart. It looked to be a formidable party, and so it proved. We were led on a treacherous chase from one map to the next. Each treasure map location was in a dangerous locale, often with the local denizens reinforced with guardians not usually found in their area. We had to first clear the area of these threats before we could dig up the treasure and release yet another wave of powerful enemies. Among the locations of chests were the Compassion Shrine, the Praetorian Fort, the Hidden Coven Valley in the North Mines and Bucs Den. Perhaps the most challenging was a chest on Samantha's North Island. When we arrived, the island was packed with Titans and other formidable foes and our first attempt at an amphibian landing was beated back. Once we cleared that force off the island, we had to face a fierce army released by the chest with our backs to the sea. I was killed first in the battle of Buccaneer's Den and them again at the Hidden Coven Valley, where my steed Ghost and my golem Tombstone also perished. Finally, we came to a climactic battle in the hidden Valley west of Trinsic. There, we had to fight an army of merceneries in the hire of Relican. None escaped alive, but unfortuately Relican himself was not present.

Gratifying as it is to be of service to the Queen and to keep her Ranger from getting his boots muddy, there was also a very nice haul of loot. Included were compete sets of indestuctable chain and ring and capes with valuable skill enchantments, as well as enough cash to provide a tidy profit, even after retraining and repair costs. Heroes who missed the adventure are poorer for it. Several of the participants have now been together through multiple challenges. I think we become more effective as a fighting unit with each successive venture.

(Please add your thoughts and correct any errors in this account with additional posts)
Homer Oldham

Vincent Tel'Imoen
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Re: An intriguing find

Post by Vincent Tel'Imoen » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:30 am

I think it is important to note that the forces hired by Relican were the Legion of Chaos. They are well armed and armoured humans, not too unlike the Shadow people or Praetorians, but with a preference for grey and red. Their forces included purple-potion-tossing archers called Marauders, stealthy vicious warhounds with poisoned fangs, Legionaire [sic] and Centurion warriors and the mage/assassin Magus.

A book entitled Rendezvous Instructions and written by the Supreme Legate was found amongst their bodies:
Master Magus

You are to secure the rendezvous location and wait for further instructions. Negotionations with this Relican fellow are still ongoing and are by no means final. I do not trust this Relican character. He strikes me as the treacherous kind. Yet we would be foolish not to enlist his help if possible. I will let you know when and if the meeting will take place. Until then do not let anyone near the place. No one must learn of my association with Relican or with the Legion. Such a discovery would greatly hinder my return to public life. Lissar will no doubt look for any excuse to have me thrown in one of her dungeons. That wretched wench must not suspect anything. Do as commanded and you will be greatly rewarded when I sieze the throne and restore my family's honor once again.

Your Supreme Legate
The book was returned to Aldwyn, who was most gracious for and most interested by our find.

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