Death threats and tauntings....

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Death threats and tauntings....

Post by Azzo_Ranar » Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:43 am

While out yesterday evening near the shrine of Justice, I encountered a voice whispering in my head... It asked that I follow it. Being the adventurous sort and knowing no fear I went as is requested to a spot just north west of the shrine. Once there I met a curious fellow who claimed to be behind the recent stirrings of evil. He had a maniacal glare an thought to intimidate me with death, being who I am I do not fear the realm of the dead, I embrace it for the power it gives. He wanted me to give my cousin Winslow a message. The message was "A sacrifice will be made, or thou shalt Lose thy cities to despair! Fire temple, kill thee one of thy own.And thou shalt have a week's peace. We shall be watching at weeks end evening." I take this to mean some time around the striking of the 8'th bell on Friday evening and will be exploring the area before that looking for signs of activity. He seemed very bothered and very sure of himself. I of course taunted him as only I can in hope that he would give more information or slip up and show more of his hand than he already had. The dark traveler seemed only to boast of his power and felt compelled to tell me that he could follow me anywhere now that he had my souls scent.. I have a theory yet untested but with the fact that he could come to me anywhere now apparent why did he not simply appear to me at the shrine where I was first contacted? There may be a connection, only time will tell. Be wary me fellows, while I do not fear him or his death threats I do feel he has power and is not to be taken lightly....should anyone else be contacted in this manner go to a shrine and bid him show himself there...we may have found a weakness and if so it may be time once again to invoke the power of the shrines that have lain nearly dormant and all but ignored for these many years.


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Re: Death threats and tauntings....

Post by Sei Ryu » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:44 am

*Walja standing by Britain's bank starts to sing to the passerby*

A fine afternoon at Britain's bank
Zebey and Gredor were doing chitchat
When a cloaked figure mounted on black steed
Came in as a messenger of the most dread

He claimed he's not the one behind the blights
He said that Azzo Ranar's spreading lies
As that's his master's most recent ill deed
He asked that we should best not interfere

He told them his master's a powerful being
And said our warriors transgreded his plans
The beings of the void find food in the blights
All while our druids are making them right

He boasted his master's resources and might
and said we wouldn't stay put on a fight
He tried to strike fear in our fellow's brave heart
and Zebey Kharada would not take it light

She said such a boasting meant only one thing
That this dreadful master was weakling and naive
A challenge so bold the cloaked figure enraged
And so he released his minions at once

The fight was raged on within the bank walls
And Walja Kharada soon joined the fight
Bashing and quarrels would fly through the halls
And soon of the creatures of void were no sight

The bank was a mess and it had to be closed
The damage would take quite some time to repair
Our heroes to Moonglow would go for some rest
New point of reunion its bank would now make

Provisional stable's been placed at the Zoo
and adequate chambers for warriors will come
The repairs will be done in one week or two
For now lets focus on the isle of Fire

Back to Moonglow now...
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